Exciting News for Athens, GA Property Owners: Temporary Short-Term Rental Moratorium Limited to Single-Family Residential Zones. Explore Top Rental Websites for Business and Vacation Travelers!

Dated: January 23 2024

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Update on Athens, Georgia Short-Term Rental Measures

Good news for property owners in Athens, Georgia! While a temporary moratorium on new short-term rentals (STRs) is in place, it exclusively applies to single-family residential zones. This means property owners can still engage in short-term rentals without any restrictions as long as the properties are situated in multifamily zones. Athens is actively exploring solutions to balance housing needs, and this strategic approach maintains flexibility for property owners in multifamily areas. Stay tuned for more updates on Athens' evolving housing policies!

If you own property in Multi-Family (MF) zones and are looking to explore opportunities in corporate housing, traveling nurse accommodations, or vacation rentals, here are lists of websites that can be valuable resources

Websites to list short-term corporate and raveling nurse rentals.

  1. MedHousing:
    • Website: MedHousing
    • Focus: Connects medical professionals with furnished housing options for short-term stays.
    • Features: Specialized in short-term housing for healthcare workers, offers a range of furnished accommodations, user-friendly interface for easy search and booking.
  2. Nurse Homestays:
    • Website: Nurse Homestays
    • Focus: Connects nurses with safe and affordable housing options.
    • Features: Dedicated to providing housing solutions for nurses, emphasizing safety and affordability, a user-friendly platform.
  3. Airbnb for Work:
    • Website: Airbnb for Work
    • Focus: Provides a platform for business and corporate travel, offering various accommodation options.
    • Features: Tailored for corporate travel needs, includes entire homes and private rooms, features for business travel expense management, and a wide variety of locations globally.
  4. Furnished Finder:
    • Website: FurnishedFinder.com
    • Focus: Primarily for healthcare professionals, including traveling nurses.
    • Features: Specialized filters for medical professionals, verified listings, and direct communication with landlords.
    • Why Rent to Healthcare Travelers: Offers landlords a reliable and niche market, as healthcare professionals often require short-term furnished housing during assignments.
  5. SuiteHome Corporate Housing:
    • Website: SuiteHomeChicago.com
    • Focus: Corporate housing for business travelers.
    • Features: Fully furnished apartments, flexible lease terms, and customizable solutions for corporate needs.
    • Why Rent to Corporate Clients: Corporate travelers often seek comfortable, fully equipped homes, providing landlords with a steady stream of short-term tenants.
  6. National Corporate Housing:
    • Website: NationalCorporateHousing.com
    • Focus: Corporate housing solutions for business travelers and relocation services.
    • Features: Diverse housing options, personalized service, and nationwide coverage.
    • Why Rent to Corporate Clients: Corporations often prefer fully furnished and equipped accommodations for employees on short-term assignments or relocations.
  7. Travel Nurse Housing:
    • Website: TravelNurseHousing.com
    • Focus: Tailored for travel nurses and healthcare professionals.
    • Features: Listings specific to the needs of healthcare travelers, including proximity to medical facilities.
    • Why Rent to Healthcare Travelers: Ensures landlords attract tenants seeking housing close to healthcare facilities, providing a steady and reliable tenant pool.
  8. CHBO (Corporate Housing By Owner):
    • Website: corporatehousingbyowner.com
    • Focus: Corporate housing for business professionals and travelers.
    • Features: Direct connection between landlords and tenants, fully furnished rentals, and lease management tools.
    • Why Rent to Corporate Clients: Attracts business professionals in need of short-term housing solutions, offering landlords a stable market.
  9. Home Stay:
    • Website: HomeStay.com
    • Focus: Earn extra income by renting out your spare room.
    • Features: Listings specific to international students, tourists and professionals. 

 Here is a list of short-term rentals listing websites for vacation homes.

  1. Airbnb (www.airbnb.com)
    • Airbnb is one of the most popular platforms for listing and renting short-term accommodations.
  2. VRBO (www.vrbo.com)
    • VRBO, part of the Expedia Group, allows property owners to list vacation homes for short-term rentals.
  3. Booking.com (www.booking.com)
    • Booking.com provides an option for property owners to list not only hotels but also vacation rentals.
  4. FlipKey (www.flipkey.com)
    • FlipKey, owned by TripAdvisor, allows property owners to list their vacation rentals.
  5. TripAdvisor Rental Insights (www.tripadvisor.com/RentalInsights/get-started)
    • TripAdvisor offers a platform for listing vacation rentals, and property owners can engage with potential guests through the site.
  6. Wimdu (www.wimdu.com)
    • Wimdu provides a platform for listing short-term rentals and connecting property owners with travelers.
  7. OneFineStay (www.onefinestay.com)
    • OneFineStay focuses on high-end, luxury short-term rentals, allowing property owners to list their premium accommodations.
  8. Hometogo (www.hometogo.com)
    • While Hometogo is a meta-search engine, property owners can ensure their listings appear on various vacation rental platforms by working with the respective sites.

Review the terms and conditions of each platform to ensure compliance and consider any fees associated with listing your property.

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