Athens Georgia Square Mall: A Journey Through Time and the $650M Renaissance

Dated: January 30 2024

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Georgia Square Mall: A Chronicle of Evolution and a Glimpse into the Future

Genesis and Grandeur

Opening its doors on February 11, 1981, Georgia Square Mall swiftly became Athens' commercial heartbeat, boasting 850,000 square feet of retail excellence developed by CBL & Associates. Anchored by retail giants such as Sears, Belk, JCPenney, and Davidson’s, the mall exemplified a thriving shopping center, attracting patrons not only from Athens but from neighboring regions.

Architectural Marvel and Grand Opening Gala

The architectural brilliance of Georgia Square Mall mirrored the era's emphasis on aesthetics and shopper comfort. The parking lot, adorned with 500 trees, created a green and inviting ambiance. Inside, the two-level mall boasted elevators and escalators, setting it apart as a premier shopping destination.

The grand opening in 1981 was a significant event attended by notable figures, including Athens Mayor Lauren Coile and representatives from anchor stores. The presence of beauty queens Crystal Lynn Smith and Amy Hettdrecks added glamour to the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Entertainment Expansion and Local Blend

Georgia Square Mall not only offered a plethora of retail options but also expanded its entertainment offerings. General Cinemas introduced four cinemas inside the mall shortly after its opening, enhancing its appeal as a family-friendly destination. The inclusion of locally owned businesses, constituting around 11 percent of the mall's tenants, contributed to a diverse shopping experience and fueled its initial success.

The Peak Years: High Occupancy and Diverse Offerings

In its early years, Georgia Square Mall reported a remarkable occupancy rate of 98.5 percent in July 1983. This success was partly due to a mix of national chains and locally owned businesses, creating a vibrant shopping environment. The mall became a central hub for activities in Athens, reflecting broader trends in American retail during the prosperous 1980s.

Transformation and Challenges

However, as the retail landscape underwent transformations, Georgia Square Mall faced challenges. The departure of major anchors like JCPenney, Sears, and Macy’s triggered a decline in foot traffic, affecting smaller stores. The rise of e-commerce and changing consumer habits further diminished the mall's relevance in the retail sector.

Community Impact and Economic Shifts

The decline of Georgia Square Mall had a visible impact on the Athens community. Once a thriving center, the mall's diminishing appeal led to decreased community engagement and economic activity. Job losses and reduced retail options affected both those directly employed by the mall and the wider community, signaling broader challenges faced by similar establishments nationwide.

Anchor Stories: Evolution and Closure

Anchors like Davidson’s, which rebranded to Macy’s in 1986, and Sears, known for its diverse range of products, underwent brand transformations but eventually closed doors. JCPenney's closure in October 2020 marked a significant shift, impacting foot traffic and the overall appeal of the shopping center. In contrast, Belk demonstrated resilience, remaining the sole original anchor amid the changing dynamics.

Diverse Offerings in Prime Years

In its prime, Georgia Square Mall hosted various fashion and apparel stores like For U Dress, Jean Stop, and Rue21, catering to diverse styles. Jewelry and accessory stores like Continental Jewelers, Ice God Jewelers, and Jewel Time added to the mall's allure. Entertainment and leisure stores like Retro Age Games and Spencer Gifts provided unique shopping experiences.

Current State and Tenant Mix in 2024

In 2024, Georgia Square Mall hosts a mix of tenants reflecting its evolving character. Belk continues to serve as the primary anchor, alongside stores like Claire’s and Hibbett Sports. The mall's tenant mix extends beyond retail, including services like the Athens Fencing Club and Smith Dental Care of Athens, indicating a shift in strategy to stay relevant.

Community and Military Presence

The mall houses community services like the Athens-Clarke Co. Police Substation and military recruiters, contributing to its role as a multifaceted space meeting diverse community needs.

Redevelopment for a Resurgence

Facing declining foot traffic and closures, Georgia Square Mall initiated a transformative journey in 2023 with the approval of a $650 million redevelopment plan. The largest in Athens' history, this ambitious project covers 70 acres, symbolizing a rebirth for the once-thriving mall. The redevelopment plan, driven by collaboration between government and private entities, signifies a strategic move to adapt to changing retail landscapes and community needs.

Future Visions: Georgia Square Mall 2.0

The Georgia Square Mall Redevelopment project stands as a monumental endeavor, breathing life into the long-dormant retail icon in west Athens, Georgia. Spanning 74.77 acres, this ambitious initiative, guided by W&A’s multidisciplinary expertise, unfolds a master plan conceived in May 2020. With unanimous approval from the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission, the redevelopment plan is a thoughtful blend of preserving a segment of the existing mall, including the resilient Belk and introducing 70,000 square feet of commercial space accompanied by 1,200 apartments, townhouses, and senior living spaces.

A distinctive feature of this plan is the commitment to community welfare, with 99 apartments earmarked for affordable housing, ensuring rental rates align with 60% of the Area Median Income. Additionally, 14,000 square feet of commercial space is designated for reduced rent, fostering opportunities for women and minority-owned businesses. The redevelopment goes beyond commerce, with 5,000 square feet allotted for a rent-free daycare or youth development center, complementing the Boys and Girls Club recently established within the mall by the developer.

Environmental consciousness takes center stage, with the masterplan incorporating 1,000 newly planted trees, converting 19 acres of impervious areas into green space, and a 1.5-mile, 12-foot multi-use path. Stormwater detention and water quality improvements contribute to sustainable practices. The project also integrates a transit center, seamlessly connecting with Athens-Clarke County's public transportation system, alongside ample parking areas. A network of pedestrian and traffic mobility solutions, including three strategically placed roundabouts, aims to alleviate conflicts and congestion concerns.

The comprehensive construction plan is set to unfold over the next five to seven years, heralding a new era for Georgia Square Mall. This transformative redevelopment is not merely a construction project; it's a commitment to community well-being, environmental sustainability, and the reinvigoration of a cherished landmark. As construction progresses, the metamorphosis of Georgia Square Mall into a dynamic, mixed-use space will stand as a testament to the resilience and forward-thinking vision of Athens and its residents. The journey from retail icon to a vibrant community hub is on the horizon, with Georgia Square Mall 2.0 poised to redefine the essence of urban living in Athens, Georgia.

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Athens Georgia Square Mall: A Journey Through Time and the $650M Renaissance

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