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There are very few real estate agents that hold a candle to George’s demeanor, work ethic, courage, positive attitude, and overall professionalism!

If you need to buy or sell a house or any other real estate property, then you probably have wondered, how to pick a realtor in Athens Ga? Please take a moment and read this review by another real estate professional. You may click on client feedback to learn more about George and get more insights on what sets him apart from other real estate agents. I had the pleasure to have a real estate transaction with George as a real estate agent. I represented the seller, and he represented the buyer. We had numerous and significant challenges keeping the transaction together and reinstating the contract after it terminated. I have been in real estate since 1990. There are very few real estate agents that hold a candle to George’s demeanor, work ethic, courage, positive attitude, and overall professionalism. Keep up the good work, George! I hope I have the opportunity to work with George on many more real estate transactions.

Scott Nichols

We live in Atlanta so we relied on Georgui for quite a bit!

Georgui Kassaev, did a wonderful job selling our house of Camelot Dr in Athens, Ga. for us. We live in Atlanta so we relied on Georgui for quite a bit and he went above and beyond. I recommend him to everyone. He’s very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.


An awesome realtor who is very knowledgeable about the real estate investing business.

Georgui Kassaev either helps you with your inquiry or gets you in touch with somebody that can. Georgui goes above and beyond to meet your expectation. He will give you honest advice about your real estate purchase.

Hieu Bui

Real estate transactions can be difficult and nerve-wracking.

But not with Georgui. He is so diligent and professional, that you feel secure in your decisions. He is one of the most positive people I’ve met in the business. He always has his client’s best interests in mind: of his initiative, he asked the sellers of my new house to provide me with a home warranty, which they did. He always quickly responds to communications, which I believe is THE most important quality for a business person. 100% recommendation.

Karen Lange

Georgui Kassaev is very communicative, honest, and he hustles.

Having him walk me through the home buying process in Athens, Ga. was priceless.

Kevin Bevillard

Georgui was awesome to work with.

He made sure he knew what we were after then found the perfect place. He also made sure we were asking the questions we didn’t even know we needed to. Best agent around!

Michael lanard

As a first-time homebuyer, I had a million questions and felt truly out of my league when it came to buying a house in Athens Georgia.

Georgui was kind, patient, and incredibly knowledgeable. He answered my questions to the best of his ability, as well as made sure I was aware of other important aspects of buying a home. He made himself safely available even in the middle of a pandemic. He went above and beyond. I highly recommend George and plan on using him for any future real estate needs!!

Lisa Collier

My goal was to find a property.

Possibly one that I could live in, but I was also interested in rental properties as a source of additional income. That is something I didn’t know a lot about, but I did know that it’s a potentially lucrative investment, that was my main goal. Looking around, initially, I had some apprehensions about getting into real estate. I ended up with a detached duplex. George was instrumental in walking me through the whole process. He helped, to find the properties initially. Showing me what to do as far as making sure they were in good shape. George has a lot of professionalism. He knows all the right people. He knows all the steps to make sure that you’re heading in the right way. This duplex was an off-market property. It’s not something that I would have been able to find without him. I would recommend anyone to work with George, he’s a great agent to have on your side.

Alex Terry

Georgui made the process of buying land easy.

He handled the details, answered all our questions, and helped us close in a timely manner. Definitely recommend choosing him!

Erin Thomas

Georgui Kasseav is the best!

He was able to guide me every step of the way in my property purchase. From figuring out whether I wanted to lease or buy to finding the right contractors, George made sure he was there to answer all of my questions. I never felt pressured in my decisions. He's very knowledgeable and was happy to share that knowledge with me in a way that I could understand. I draw for a living so I wasn't very knowledgeable about real estate. I needed someone I could trust to look out for the future of my business and my family. Georgui didn't let me down.

Sara Fogle

Georgui was great, he kept contact with me and kept me informed of changes in the market so I could make the right decisions and we could get my property sold!

It was not a typical property so his expertise and patience ensured we got the deal done!

Hank Randolph

Georgui is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with, and he knows how to get the job done, even in a highly competitive market!

He is a complete professional and has prompt, clear communication. Highly recommend!!

Wes Davis

My name is Reign Streiter.

I’ve been a realtor for 16 years, I’m also an investor, and I’ve bought, sold, for myself over eight figures this past year. I’m always looking for multi-family, or investment properties, commercial, any type of investment properties. So even though I’m a realtor myself, George found me a 13-unit multi-family apartment building nearby. He told me about it, he went and filmed it the same day when I came back, George showed me all the videos, and he made me super confident in moving forward on making an offer. There were multiple offers, but we got the deal. Through due diligence, he was very helpful in assessing the true value of the property. And he carried it all the way through. Like I said, even though I’m a realtor myself, I see value when somebody else brings value to the table. In this case, George brought a great amount of value. And so I’m really happy with the purchase and the way it was all handled. If anyone’s out there that’s looking to buy an investment property, George knows a lot about it, he got some designations that you can get in the real estate community, he’s done a lot of studying in the classroom however, he also has real-life experience not only buying and selling but also rehabbing properties. So he can give you some insight there. Absolutely, I would recommend George. I think George’s website is So if you go to the website and reach out, he’ll answer. I know him personally so I got his phone number. But I’m sure if you go on his website and reach out, then he’ll give you a call. Whether you’re in Athens, Georgia, or anywhere in the state of Georgia, I think that he can find something for you. He’s got a wide net, he does a lot of research, has access to a lot of lists, so I think that you’ll be in good hands with George.

Reign Streiter.

Georgui helped sell the house of our friend.

She was delighted with his attitude and work and recommended him as a Realtor for the future sale of our home. In order, to pick a Realtor to sell our house we interviewed half a dozen Realtors and Georgui suited us most. We made no mistake in our decision. In spite of the complications made up by the pandemic, he sold our house very fast and for the price that was established by an independent expert and was above our expectations.

Vikenti Gorokhovski

Today, we just closed on a single-family house that was adjacent to an apartment complex that George helped me buy and, with any transaction, you’re always looking for the next transaction so George jumped in, found the neighboring property.

Contacted the owner directly, and then long story short and a lot of details later, he made it happen, and we’re here today at the closing. Seller’s happy I’m happy hopefully, George is happy. But he did a great job and navigated some treacherous waters, as we’ll say! He did a great job. So I’m really happy with the process!

Rain Streiter

Our aim in real estate was to find a nice place for our family to settle down, especially after welcoming our firstborn.

I wanted a home where I could feel comfortable raising my family, a place where we could grow and prosper. My experience working with Georgui Kassaev was incredibly helpful. We explored various properties, and Georgui provided valuable insights. He would advise us if a particular place might not be the best fit for our family, always aiming to guide us towards a home that would truly serve us well. His approach wasn't solely transactional; it felt more like a family-oriented process. Georgui's dedication ensured that we could enjoy a good life without the burden of constant repairs. It wasn't about making a quick profit for him; it felt like we were working with a friend, not just a business partner. I wouldn't change a thing about the experience. Georgui kept us calm, alleviating any stress, and ensured we were well taken care of. He never let us worry about anything; if something needed attention, he reminded us, making the entire process straightforward and simple. George is exceptionally attentive, ensuring we understood each step and had the necessary information to accomplish what was needed. I would confidently rate George 10 out of 10. Whenever someone is looking to make a real estate purchase, I wholeheartedly recommend George. He has a deep understanding of what you're looking for and possesses the expertise to guide you effectively. To get in touch with George, you can visit That's the easiest way to connect with him.

Nolyn & Kaylii

This was my first time buying a home in Athens, Ga and I couldn’t have asked for a better agent to guide me through this process.

From the beginning, this deal had a ton of obstacles. I have very little real estate experience, so I put all of my trust and faith in Georgui and it paid off. I followed all of Georgui’s advice through each stage of the negotiation process and we were able to secure a great deal on the first house I have ever made an offer on (which is unheard of in today’s market!). I cannot recommend Georgui enough! I look forward to using his services again for all of my real estate needs!

Ralph Ospina

My name is Brad and I am a Nurse Practitioner in the Atlanta area.

My real estate goal was to Sell My Rental Property in Athens, Ga. the Camelot neighborhood, for the best price that I could get. My experience with George was exceptional. He provided clear guidance in preparing the home for sale. He provided a good perspective on what I should expect during the sales process, and Mr. Kassaev exceeded all my expectations with his level of commitment. I chose to work with a realtor because I don’t live in Athens anymore, and I needed somebody who knew the market. I needed somebody who could advocate for me and represent my interests in selling this home. And I would recommend George to absolutely anybody who was considering selling or buying a property in the greater Athens, Georgia area.

Brad Gaydos

Georgui was wonderful to work with.

I was a first time home buyer and he went above and beyond every step of the way. He helped me answer questions before I could even come up with the question. He was on top of every single issue and step along the way. He was a great guide!

Ashley Elisabeth Weldon

I was not interested in working with a Realtor when Georgui contacted me about my for-sale-by-owner listing.

He did not seek an exclusive listing but wanted to see what he could do for me while I continued to show and try to sell my property on my own. After some time, I asked him if he wanted to list it. His knowledge of real estate, developing land and real estate agents were spot on. At one point I would have taken an offer that was less than what I really wanted, but he encouraged me to hold on and in the end, I got my asking price. Georgui is an ambitious and interesting young man and shares his stories of being an actor, working in martial arts, being a Russian circus performer, and horse handling. So to me, he was “the most interesting man in the world” who also sold real estate. He developed a relationship with me, knew what I wanted, and delivered. There was never any pressure or anxiety during the course of selling, and the closing was quick but thorough. So glad that he contacted me!

A.W. Blalock

There’s a lot of headaches when you’re buying a house or selling a house and you know, working directly with a buyer or a seller or their real estate agent would be very difficult for somebody who’s not in that profession.

So I think it’s a no-brainer to get a real estate agent who will work on your behalf and knows all the ins and outs of all the details and can do all that work for you. After all, that’s what they’re there for so I never had any reservations about it. If you want to find a good real estate agent in Athens, Georgia is a good place to go to find one so thanks for listening to me!

Casey Bowman

Working with George was incredibly easy, as a first-time house buyer, I had a million different questions and I felt like he was both knowledgeable and patient answering those.

Quick to respond, and he really has your best interests at heart. I think the biggest thing that stood out to me working with George was his passion for helping people buy a home, and helping people purchase that home at a reasonable price, advocating for them, for that home. I really do feel like that bleeds through with everything that he does.

Meryl Anderson

Great to work with!

!! Super detailed and great follow up!!! The process was super easy with Georgui Kassaev and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy!!!

Ned Van Allan

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